BFF Combo - 2 Friendship Books & Sticker Sheets

BFF Combo - 2 Friendship Books & Sticker Sheets

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This combo is a great offer at 5% discount and includes 2 Friendship Books plus sticker sheets (A5 size) of your choise designed and printed in Melbourne, Australia. This is the perfect gift for two besties! 


How does it work?

Children share their friendship book with their friends and teachers and ask them to complete a page with questions about themselves, include a photo and a drawing. They capture fun facts about themselves, their interests, personal stories and dreams. Once all friends have filled out the friendship book, it becomes a personalised, unique keepsake for the owner.


The Friendship Book has over 70 pages. The book also includes a my tribe page where friends can draw a self-portrait, a birthday calendar, pages for their teachers to complete and a few pages for special memories and photos. 


The sticker sheet includes a collection of more than 20 stickers that you can use to decorate and customise your friendship book. 

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