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We are two German mums with first generation Aussie kids from Melbourne, proudly bringing to you our refreshed take on a German tradition - the friendship book.

We hope you find it as enriching, powerful and valuable for your primary school aged children as we do.

Discover the magic of this non-digital approach to capturing memories.


The TK Story

The friendship book has been part of children's childhood in Germany for many generations. When we were young girls, almost every primary school student had a friendship book. Talking to our friends back in Germany who have kids in primary school years today, the friendship book tradition is still going strong and and a given part of growing up.

We fondly remember how much fun we had filling them in, sharing them with our friends and having good giggles and laughs reading the answers together. Looking back at them now, we not only recognise the fun we had with them but much more the value those books brought to us personally when it came to building strong bonds with our friends and class mates. We admit though that really the best part of these friendship books is right now for us, when we are looking at them 30 years later. They take us back to those care-free days filled with play, laugh, joy and plenty of outdoor fun, where we would explore the world together, dream and make plans for when we would be grown ups. These moments and memories are just priceless and we want to share this experience not just with our kids but with all kids in Australia.

Watching our children forming their first precious friendships inspired us to continue this tradition for our children and bring this joy to kids in Australia. TK Tribe has introduced the very first ‘My Friendship Book’ series. These books are the next step of a baby book, capturing a child's development into primary school years and not only collects memories but also takes a first step into fostering a positive mindset through the guided questions.