Come & discover the magic of Friendship Books


How does it work?

Children share their friendship book with their friends and teachers and ask them to complete a page with questions about themselves, include a photo and a drawing. They capture fun facts about themselves, their interests, personal stories and dreams.

Kids who fill out the book for their friend practice their writing skills and use their imagination in a fun way.

Once all friends have filled out the friendship book it becomes a personalised, unique keepsake for the owner

- a precious time capsule of beautiful memories of their childhood friends. 

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Unlock the wonders of the Friendship Book

Popular in Germany and a must-have among Kindergarten and primary school year children for hundreds of years. The Friendship Book is a creative and unique way for children aged 4 - 10 years old to

... express themselves and help them to develop their self-identity 

... learn social skills and build meaningful connections with their peers and teachers outside the digital world

... form precious and lifelong relationships with their friends 

... develop their writing and reading skills 

… develop a love for books

... explore their world with imagination and creativity


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Keepsake for childhood memories




November 2019

We loved reading @milliemummymelbourne's post about the importance of friendships and finding a way to capture these precious memories. We are thrilled to hear that Millie and Finn loved filling out and sharing our friendship book with their friends and teachers.